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Effect of covid-19 on e-commerce in the MENA region

Effect of covid-19 on e-commerce in the MENA region!

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Effect of covid-19 on e-commerce in the MENA region!


We stayed at home for a while to keep ourselves, and fellows from the mortal effect of COVID-19. For sure it is a hard time, and we are still struggling to get all souls safe. But we shall observe the effect of COVID-19 on e-commerce in the MENA region, to know how the future of our business will be.

Customers and effect of covid-19 on e-commerce:

Many people stayed home in the past few months, and shopping through the internet was their best and safest option in the Arab region.

In general, the search on the internet for a product or a service increased by 81%, knowing that the customer ages varies from 16 to 64.

While this segment stayed at home, 90% of them visited at least one e-commerce site, 47% of them bought at least one product or service. That happened from Jan 1,2020 to Jul 31 2020.

And since we are attached to our mobile phones; the purchasing through mobile app increased by 52%.

These rates reflect the size of opportunities, that push you towards investing in e-commerce, whether through your website, or mobile app.

But what about more details about the effect of covid-19 on e-commerce in the MENA region?

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How e-commerce increased in the MENA region?

E-commerce increased in the following countries by:

1-      KSA 72%

2-      UAE 66%

3-      Egypt 54%

While the rate of purchasing through the mobile apps increased by:

1-      KSA 62%

2-      UAE 49%

3-      Egypt 54%

And this point notifies you to begin in developing your mobile app to facilitate purchasing for your customers!

On the other hand, e-commerce growth rates increased in 2020 by:

1-      UAE 36%

2-      Egypt 21%

3-      KSA 20%

And the average monthly spending of the Arab citizen through e-commerce channels reached to (USD):

1-      UAE 1310 USD

2-      KSA 602 USD

3-      Egypt 304 USD

And that indicates how people trust the online shopping.

As a result of that, using credit cards in paying increased to:

1-      UAE 39%

2-      KSA 35%

3-      Egypt 27%

So you should consider e-commerce as a good solution in and after COVID-19, which gets you closer to your customers, especially through buying your products through mobile apps.

In addition to that, you should be optimistic, and change the crisis into an opportunity!

Stay Safe, Stay Winning!

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