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In app purchasing: Your Mobile app is the best Shop!

In app purchasing: Your Mobile app is the best Shop!


During the last decade, people began online shopping, and by the evolution of mobile apps, developers introduce buying channels within the mobile apps, known as In-app purchasing.

In app purchase means free applications, that customers can download, buy goods or services from it. It may be clothes, electronics, house needs, or software, premium accounts.. and could be your product.


You predict from in app purchasing:


  • Higher customer engagement
  • Excellent brand awareness
  • Receive direct feedback and reviews from customers, which help you to upgrade your services.
  • A great Marketing channel, with lowest cost ever.


But what will make your mobile app unique among the lots of mobile shopping apps, to attract customers every time they need to shop a service/product like yours?


You need to make it active, easy, and safe for In app purchasing:


  • Give your customers the options to scan bar-codes, to let them reach your products easily.
  • Offer them the option to search your products by images.
  • Use Push Notifications to inform them by offers and deals in proper time.
  • Use a simple and clear shopping cart, where the customers know what they had bought during their shopping.
  • Let them know, each time they add to the cart, how much money they had to pay and inform them at the same time, how many items they should add to catch your offer.
  • When their items reach your offer, notify them clearly that they got the announced discount, or gift.
  • Regarding the billing step, give them options for billing, by credit card, encrypted currency, cash on delivery, cash transfer…let them choose the most comfortable way for paying money.
  • Send confirmation notification, and email after the purchasing process. The confirmation email is a very important step that you cannot skip.
  • During the delivery period, inform them of the item route, and where it reached.
  • Do not lose the connection between you and your customer after purchasing, give them the option to give feedback, ask for maintenance, or return it to you if possible, by adding an in-app feedback channel to your mobile app.


Mobile apps are good media to create a healthy customer environment, which leads to higher revenues. Besides that facilitating purchasing process through your app will make your customers attached to your mobile app and products.

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