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Mobile app Marketing: Embrace your customers!

Mobile app Marketing: Embrace your customers!

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Egyptians say “If you want to get someone puzzled, give him many choices!”. That is what happened to your customers. There are many products that provoke or satisfy their needs. They take many rounds to discover a lot of products, then decide what they want. But you do not like that! You, as any business owner, like to keep your customer around, making your products the first solution they pick every time. That is a big target, which you can achieve easily by mobile app marketing.

A mobile app maybe your product or a channel that you promote your products through. In both cases your mobile app marketing strategy should consider; how easy your customers can find and download your mobile app, besides how you make it their best.

How Customers find your mobile app?

There are many mobile app marketing ideas, rather than application stores, that your customers can find your app:

  • Social Media: People stay on their Facebook or Twitter pages mainly, so it will be a good opportunity to promote your mobile app there.
  • Newsletters: Your dear mailing list will carry your new mobile apps or updates weekly, or monthly, so customers can discover all your news.
  • Word of Mouth:  Make sure your messaging remains consistent or it will result in frustrated customers and you lose their loyalty.
  • Ads: It brings your application to your customers according to its relevance to their searches, so your Ads should be optimized to reach the right customer.

Mobile app Marketing leads to success!

Marketing through your mobile app gives you a direct contact for your customer, you can:

  • Push Notification: by all updates, offers, news, you will emerge your customer by all your products.
  • Brand your products: Your app will carry your identity and style to customers, which is an important point in your mobile app marketing campaign, your brand will be in their sense of buying, and their first choice.
  • Easy Purchasing: Customers like to feel safe when they buy online. Your app should have very simple and safe steps of purchasing, where the process does not take much time. Do not forget to confirm purchasing by instant email.
  • Communication: Your customers are the best source of information. The mobile app gives you the opportunity to communicate with them directly, through surveys, asking for feedback, replying to complaints..etc. Besides giving a good customer experience, you are gaining unique information about and from them, that develops your product.

So, mobile apps let you control marketing channels, which broaden your horizons in the market, to reach the optimal and most efficient strategies.

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