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How to Push Your Online Sales Through Mobile Apps?

How to Push Your Online Sales Through Mobile Apps?

 Push Your Online Sales Through Mobile Apps

Have you ever imagined that mobile apps might be one of the opportunities to make money like what you pay to have?

After smartphones cost us a lot of money to own and enjoy their features, The day came to recover this money and more through ways to profit from mobile apps that allow us to work and earn money from home.

The method of profit from mobile applications is one of the most secured money-earning opportunities today, and this is the reason why many flock to search for opportunities and secrets of profit from smartphone applications.

This is what we will talk about during our topic below, as we will talk about how to profit from mobile applications by addressing the easiest and best 5 guaranteed ways to make a profit.

Why are Mobile Applications considered a great profit opportunity?

Before discussing ways of how to profit from applications of all kinds, let us first learn about the most prominent numbers and facts about profiting from mobile applications.

There are more than 7 billion users who own a smartphone in 2021 and this number is expected to increase to 7.26 billion users by 2022, and 7.49 billion users by 2025. 

This is a large percentage when you think about targeting them as potential customers, in addition to the fact that this number is constantly increasing and will not stop throughout the journey of continuous development and modernization of technology, and perhaps this explains the importance of keeping pace with this amazing development, participating in it and benefiting from it as well, and this is what will allow you to create mobile applications .

Don’t forget before launching your app to users to make sure that the app is accurate, intuitive, easy to use and designed for users and that it matches their exact needs.

This is in addition to many other features such as:


  • Delivering an intelligent user experience.
  • It covers the expectations and needs of the users.
  • It provides an adequate level of data protection.

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What are the easiest ways to Push Your Online Sales Through Mobile Apps?


You have a lot of ways to push your online sales through Mobile Apps, but here are the best of them:


  • Push Notifications: You can get your customers back into your app with this way of communication as sending him/her notifications.
  • Fast selling: you can get the best and the fastest way of selling with multiple payment methods.
  • You care about your customers: You need to show your customers that you care about them through loyalty rewards.
  • Newsletters: some kind of showing that you care about your customers is to send them emails.
  • You need to continually update your Mobile Application and enhance it.
  • Customers need to get the trust to deal with you so, you have to offer them options but with no hidden fees and no credit card info required.


Through mobile applications, whether on iOS or Android, you can make a stable income from them, and we will show you the easiest ways to help you make profits from mobile applications, and here are the most important of these strategies:

Profit from ads displayed in the mobile application

Advertising is the most profitable way of mobile apps, and it’s meant to allow brands and advertisers to display their own ads on your app, and you get paid for showing those ads.

You can decide how to calculate ad cost based on the number of ad impressions, per ad click, or user installation and interaction with the ad.

Medialets’ studies showed that the best placement for these banners is the lower half of the application, as it is more effective and attractive to the user.

The types of these ads vary between:

  • Advertising banners or pictures

Are the ads that appear in different sizes in the upper or lower half of the screen of the application, and they are small in order to give the user the freedom to use the application and not cause him inconvenience.


  • Video ads

This type of advertisement spreads among game applications and is, for example, a kind of reward in the game or watching it is a prerequisite to continue playing, and this is one of the most successful and most prominent strategies that guarantee you a lot of money.

But you should know when you follow the advertising strategy, that these sudden ads remain annoying to the audience, so you have to apply it in an attractive and unobtrusive way to ensure user interaction and succeed in your mission and profit from mobile applications.


Profit from creating mobile apps



The job of designing mobile applications is one of the most famous and most important professional jobs today, whether a job belonging to companies specialized in designing phone applications or a freelance job through a freelance platform.

And if you have phone application design skills, you will be able to work and earn money from this method, whether working with a phone application design company or freelance work.

And you can check the prices of designing mobile applications in the market to find out the amount of profit from Android or iPhone applications when you design it and sell it to customers.

Profit from shopping mobile apps

Perhaps the first answer that is reached when asking the question of how to profit from mobile applications is how to profit from marketing applications that sell different products to consumers online.

There are more than 80% of the total digital shoppers who make their purchase from the mobile app, i.e. mobile app shopping is easier and better today for digital consumers than online shopping.

This is the innovative approach that must be followed by all individuals who are interested in entering the world of e-commerce, which is the necessity of creating a mobile shopping application alongside the online store to gain the largest possible number of customers.

With a large segment of consumers waiting to take advantage of this opportunity, the method of creating a shopping application will be one of the most guaranteed profit opportunities in the world of profit from applications 2022.

Profit from social media applications

The importance of social networking platform applications today is not only limited to conducting conversations and sharing diaries, photos and videos.

We all notice the strong presence of social media applications in the e-commerce world and how these applications have become an essential source of money for many.

Facebook began to enter the world of e-commerce by allowing users to sell goods from products and services by creating pages and business groups, and with time, Facebook develops its features to support its merchants.

In addition to Facebook, we find Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok and other communication applications that are launched, all of which participate in e-commerce with an effective and strong activity.

Each application has its own method of profit, whether profit from selling products and services, profit from displaying content, or profit from commission marketing and other ways of profit from different mobile applications.

To help you choose the right application and make enough profit for you, we have prepared the following articles to be a comprehensive guide that helps you start your business now through any of the different social networking applications.

Profit from service  mobile applications

Mobile service applications are among the most popular applications that often require a paid subscription for the service provided to the consumer.

Therefore, it is one of the most secure ways to profit from mobile applications for many, especially those who do not have any experience in retail trade and selling products online.


Examples of service applications that you can design like:

  • Educational services applications.
  • Task and business management tools applications.
  • Entertainment applications such as songs and movies.
  • Photo editing and video creation services applications.
  • Medical and health services applications.
  • Delivery Services Applications.
  • Financial services applications.

gaming mobile applications.

In the end, trying these ways and analyzing what competitors are doing is a good starting point now, you may have got your questions answered, about how to Push Your Online Sales Through Mobile Apps and how to make money from free mobile apps or find different ways to monetize free mobile apps.


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