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The big 5 uses of Artificial Intelligence for business mobile apps!

The big 5 uses of Artificial Intelligence for business mobile apps!

The big 5 uses of Artificial Intelligence for business mobile apps!

The big 5 uses of Artificial Intelligence for business mobile apps!

Uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business mobile apps are so many. Most business owners implement AI in their mobile apps to optimize their services, in which it helps them to collect accurate data about their customers, and thus better service, and more revenue.

Keep reading this brief article, to know how your business can use artificial intelligence in mobile apps.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is programming machines to think like humans and imitate their actions. It is implemented in any machine that shows human mind traits such as learning and problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps:

AI is widely used in mobile app development, you can check it now on your mobile, and find it in:

Photographing Mobile Apps:

Camera or photographing apps use AI to enhance your photos automatically, according to brightness, contrast, HDR, light, place..etc.


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Face recognition for identification and verification:

You may open your mobile by face detection method, and your mobile refuses to open until it sees your face!



Chatbots are automated chat engines or bots in some apps, e.g. Telegram, Messenger, that are used to respond to customers’ requests and inquiries automatically.

Voice Recognition on Your Mobile:

Many operating systems now like Android and Apple are giving you the option to search or give orders to your mobile vocally. You only need to say “Open the gallery!” to watch your media!

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Artificial Intelligence for business mobile apps:

Any business targets to increase their customers’ satisfaction. In the mobile apps era; adding AI to the mobile app of your business is a smart way to know customers, and thus serving them in the best way.



Besides that, AI facilitates the usage of your mobile app by increasing the quality of its user experience (UX). It understands the user and gives him the easiest way to interact with your mobile app.



AI has numerous uses more than that, and we intend here to give you a glimpse about it!


AI increases customers/user engagement!

As we mentioned; AI can analyze customer’s data to provide through your mobile app, and give insights about them.



This data shows what they like, dislike, click on, don’t click on and other activities, so you will know the most features in your app that they are interacting with, and the ones they ignore! Then you will determine what to focus on and what to divest, and that helps to increase engagement.




AI can increase your earnings!


The more AI collects data from your users; the more you can have a full picture for the market, so you can decide to find investors, sell ads or charge more.


AI upgrades UX!


AI makes your business mobile app a smart app because it knows your customers very well, and it personalizes the mobile app according to their daily routine, tasks, freetime..etc


How mobile app will help people ?


Your mobile app will help people to accomplish daily tasks, and send them a notification about an offer of a product they liked!


It will make them know about anything they want to know!

AI gives voice!


Voice recognition is one of AI technologies that is spreading in mobile apps, which facilitates interaction with your users.

It makes them live the welfare of sci-fi novels, where they can order their devices, and the devices respond!

Add voice recognition to your mobile app, and let them give orders!

AI organizes your ads via Mobile apps !

If you promote through in-app advertising; AI will help you to send related ads and content to customers, as per their preferences and online activity.


AI is on Fire!

Investment in AI is increasing rapidly, and many companies begin to implement it in their work, but mobile app development is the biggest sector that invests in AI.

So elevate your mobile app by AI, and make it your customers’ friend. It will know them, listen to them, and give them whatever they want!


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