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About SplendApp?

SplendApp is an Arab company established in 2018. SplendApp works to facilitate mobile app development globally, and limit all constraints that distract developing any mobile app like;

  • High Cost
  • Development Duration
  • Complicated process
  • High probability if failure

So SplendApp developed its own engine which creates mobile apps in a short period, depending on ready made components and templates, which gives SplendApp competitive advantage by decreasing the cost and period of development, beside publishing on app stores is 100% guaranteed.

How SplendApp Works?

The mobile apps created by SplendApp are perfect apps, and have the same functions of Native and Hybrid built ones.

But SplendApp is featuring a new way of connecting with the website database. In normal ways, mobile apps connect the website database to read and write in it through APIs.

SplendApp lets the user use the original website component, and do what he needs, by displaying it in the right place in the app.

Can SplendApp create a mobile app for any website?

Yes, SplendApp can develop mobile apps for any website, whatever the technology used in building it, but we run some technical checks on any website, to assure the website compatibility with SplendApp, as some websites do not fit with SplendApp technology. To check your website click here.

Does the created mobile app depend on My website speed?

According to SplendApp technology, the mobile app is associated with the website’s performance, but SplendApp uses some techniques that increase the mobile app performance, and support 90% of app contents, data and user activity.
These techniques can raise the performance of the mobile app upto the double of the websites.

Does SplendApp depend on WebView?

SplendApp uses WebView in a very narrow scale that does not affect the mobile app category or type, and SplendApp guarantees publishing any mobile app on application stores, specially AppStore which rejects publishing any mobile app based on WebView technology.

Does the mobile app need to connect to other parties like billing and shipping services..etc?

As mentioned; SplendApp depends on the website contents, like Shopping Cart which is connected to paying services.

So SplendApp does not need re-connecting to any already connected services.

And if you decide to change your paying service provider on a website, it will be automatically changed in the mobile app by SplendApp.

Do the designs of created mobile apps vary from one another?

All applications created by SplendApp are designed by the same processes of Native apps. Although SplendApp is an Electronic developer, Human input is essential in the designing process.
Where our UI/UX teams work on the website, and study it, then apply the design using templates, in which they customize it according to the website navigation, brand, data, identity..etc.

SplendApp has an enormous library of templates that gives numerous options to design hundreds of apps without being similar.

Do I need to re-develop my app if I need to do changes on my website?

It depends on the changes:

  • If there are minor changes in performance or design, you do not need to get back to us; as your mobile app will be updated automatically.
  • If there are major changes in the website, like changing the database system, or adding new technology; in this case, you will need to contact us and our developers will work on it. This service cost low charges.

Who publishes my mobile app on application stores (Google Play, AppStore)?

Splendapp team helps you to publish the mobile apps on Google Play and AppStore, through SplendApp accounts on both stores, but the customer can receive the app files to publish it himself on his accounts.

How much does it cost to create a mobile app using SplendApp?

There are two packages:

  1. One Lifetime Payment: it costs 999 USD for SplendApp mobile app creation, beside 49 USD paid annually for app services dashboards, like Push Notifications manager, and Homepage Composer.
  2. Monthly Payment: it costs 49 USD per month, plus 199 USD installation fees, and service continue available as the customer pay the subscription.

Does SplendApp provide me with any additional services?

For now the Push-Notifications manager, and Homepage Composer are additional features that you can use to manage your mobile app.

Beside that, there will be more options and services added to your dashboard.

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