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2S Home Wear Store

2S Home Wear is one of the greatest brands selling home clothes via its own retail/online stores in Egypt, every month, attracts more than 350,000 visits to its catalog of more than 1,200 products in different categories, including women's and men's pajamas Children's and underwear, sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings, thermal clothing, and other products. Founded in 1985.
2S Home Wear Store
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2S Home Wear Project Details

We present here the technical and execution details of the project, application metrics, and the deployment and launch plan. In a continued collaboration with SplendApp, the client is working to enhance the application and increase download times to make it more appealing to users, and further streamline its usage.


2S Home Wear's website is powered via Shopify Platform


2S Home Wear's app supports both Arabic and English interfaces

96 Hours

The project period from analysis to publication did not exceed 96 hrs


2S joined SplendApp and its downloads exceeded 700K users

What did 2S Home Wear achieve by joining SplendApp?
SplendApp ROI

What did 2S Home Wear achieve by joining SplendApp?

After achieving prior success with an increase in app downloads and daily sales, 2S Home Wear chose to partner with SplendApp in a unique and dynamic challenge. The task was not an easy one for SplendApp, but we rose to the challenge, and succeeded in meeting the expectations and aspirations of 2S Home Wear. The experience was characterized by the following:Speed of implementation and full application security throughout all project phases, from inception to deployment, were among our primary priorities. SplendApp's design team provided an exceptional user experience and a unique user interface design, all achieved in record time, leveraging the significant flexibility of SplendApp's control panel.Continuous support and comprehensive training for the 2S Home Wear team were key factors in the project's success. We always ensure these services are provided to ensure the client becomes proficient in operating the system.Finally, the value offered through SplendApp's limitless services comes at a highly competitive cost compared to our competitors. Here at SplendApp, we represent high value for the client against a competitively economical cost.
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