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Mobile Application Development Company

SplendApp is a leading mobile application development company; we are specialized in software applications. We offer various innovative technology services and solutions, including programming and designing smart smartphones development cross-platform iOS and Android.

At SplendApp, we aim to enrich mobile application development in the Arab world and overcome all obstacles around that industry, including smartphone application development cost, development duration, and quality standards. SplendApp has built a robust platform that enables us to become one of the best app developers in KSA, Egypt, and the Middle East.

Mobile Application Development Company


SplendApp is always keen to employ the best professionals while ensuring continuous learning along with innovation and constant search for the best and latest technology in the mobile app development industry. Thus, we guarantee you to cooperate with the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf region.


We aim to satisfy our clients and gain their trust by achieving their goals and helping them on the journey to reach the top. We work to make SplendApp your best choice when it comes to a professional development company. So we aim to enable the mobile app development industry and support the whole business sector.


We believe that achieving success and leadership requires more work, learning, and continuity; Therefore, we are keen to emphasize the principle of perseverance and dedication to achieve development and growth. We provide a variety of smartphone applications that professionally express your identity and deliver your message clearly.

Mobile App Development
What Do We Do

Mobile App Development

SplendApp has made a promise since its inception to provide the best programming and application design services in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Arab region; By keeping abreast of the latest global technological technologies and keenness to study and analyze the market to determine the different requirements of each client to determine how to design a distinctive application that helps him achieve his marketing goals and achieve more profits.

Therefore, we have developed a plan to achieve further growth and development in the world of mobile application development and design without interruption or disruption, taking into account the provision of more services that would develop the Saudi and Arab society to reach them towards an advanced technical society that competes with global societies and the modern technological revolution.

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SplendApp Provides The Best Technical Support Services 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week​


Best Mobile App Development Company

Top mobile applications depend on many factors such as; expert providers, talented designers, performance perception, up-to-date technology, compatibility of both hardware and software, bold infrastructure, and finally regular maintenance. It takes a long time to design and develop mobile applications; depending on the complexity of the business requirements and operations. SplendApp has it all; we can support most of the technology used and are able to release the beta version in 48 hours only. Splendapp is a significant step to avoid any risks and increase success. It’s your one-stop mobile application development platform.

48 Hours

SplendApp is the fastest and most integrated solution to create a unique mobile app for your store!

To Get your Mobile Application Beta Version; SplendApp is the fastest and most integrated platform to develop a native mobile app for your store.

SplendApp is the fastest and most integrated solution to create a unique mobile app for your store!
SplendApp is the fastest and most integrated solution to create a unique mobile app for your store!
What We Offer for mobile app

SplendApp Features

We offer a wide range of features built especially for non-technical people to enable them to manage and support their apps. We provide you with innovative features that enable you from having complete control over your application; with the ability to edit its form, style, content, and colors according to the requirements of your marketing plan. In addition to many other technologies and distinctive options including:

  • No-Code Applications Builder

    Our super-easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily create and manage your app pages, layout, content, and color.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    It helps you get all about your app insights, analytics, and user behavior on a real-time dashboard.

  • Push-Notifications System

    Communicate and engage with your clients in real-time; send text notifications and photo messages to announce the latest promotions to generate more sales.

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