Why SplendApp

Mobile App Development Company

SplendApp is a leading mobile app development company in Egypt, KSA, and the Middle East. We are specialized in developing and designing smartphone applications. SplendApp is distinguished by providing the best technical solutions to build a mobile app without programming experience. We help you to design the best money-making Apps by yourself. Moreover, our innovative solutions and products significantly raised income and growth rates for many institutions and companies of all sizes across Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Best Mobile App Development Company , If you are looking for the best product-selling app design for your e-commerce website, SplendApp is your perfect choice to get a great mobile app for selling products. Our mobile applications are compatible with major e-commerce platforms such as (Shopify, Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, OpenCart, BarsaShop, and others platforms. SplendApp team works to provide full support for your online store to help you achieve more profits and growth in no time.

Mobile App Development Company

Best Mobile App to Show your Business

At SplendApp, We believe in human resources. That’s why we hire only creative and real talents. We have a dream team of professionals who are experts in designing and programming smartphone applications. Our team is here to help you get a world-class mobile application; a mobile app that features high-quality design and an advanced user interface that makes your application easier for your customers. Moreover, we work on promoting your app in different app stores, which doubles its download chance. For more information.

  • Customized Mobile App Design

    As a top mobile app design platform, SplendApp designers strive to build user-friendly product-selling apps. A mobile application that expresses your identity and highlights it unforgettably, while showcasing your products in an attractive interface. It helps to encourage your customers to use your application constantly. In addition, it provides an advanced control panel with many effective features and capabilities that allow you to fully manage your application.

  • No-Code Builder

    A super-easy - drag and drop - editor, which allows you to easily create, manage, and edit your application’s pages, layout, content, and color.

Business & Technical Support

SplendApp Provides The Best Technical & Business Support Services 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week​

Business & Technical Support
Business & Technical Support

Top iOS and Android Developers in The Middle East

SplendApp is one of the best iOS and Android mobile app development companies in Egypt, KSA, and The Middle East. It is one of our strengths for building customized native iOS and Android apps, which serve your marketing goals and business needs.

Do not waste your time searching for the best mobile application design company in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, SplendApp has the magic solution for developing and programming different applications and mobile apps for small businesses within only 48 hours. It’s the time to have one of the best money-making Apps, it’s the time to rely on SplendApp.

    Amazing Mobile Application
    What We Do

    Amazing Mobile Application

    We offer a wide range of features that are built especially for non-technical people, just to enable them to fully manage and control their apps. Our talented designers deliver ready-for-sale applications with remarkable designs. We help you get the best product-selling app with the highest performance and world-class quality. We always support our clients and provide them with outstanding mobile applications at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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    SplendApp Offers 24/7 Support Provider

    Innovative Application Layout and Structure

    Our expert team offers a wide scale of specifications and features that fit your business needs and satisfy your expectations including, application layout and structure, push notification, analytical dashboard, drag and drop tools, and many other features. Get an application manager that gives you full access to modify or edit your application such as changing the intro-slider, structure enhancements, changing the application's header, Bottom Tabs, Side menu, and different pages in the app. It’s a super-easy drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily create and manage app pages, layout, content, and colors.


      Get a Smart Mobile App for your Online Store

      SplendApp team will help you create and develop a smart application to display and sell products, which achieves your e-store marketing goals. Your application will be compatible with the global e-store building platforms, which promotes your rank and gives you an additional advantage over your competitors.

        6 Why's

        Why SplendApp

        • The intensification of competition day after day at different levels
        • Lower revenue from advertising with higher cost
        • Thus the high cost of customer acquisition (CAC)
        • The high cost and difficulty of maintaining them (CRC)
        • Low Customer Life Value (CLV)
        • Early start to build a loyal brand customer base.
        • Users prefer to purchase from mobile applications more than the website
        • Users trust mobile applications over websites
        • The rate of conversion to buyers through mobile applications is 5 times higher than websites
        • The average size of a single purchase order from the mobile application is higher than that of the website
        • 3 times higher customer retention than before owning an app
        • Retargeting campaigns are free with app notifications and notification open rates reach 90%
        SplendApp is not just a start-up company, but as a company that belongs to a large investment group in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and its business in many Arab and African countries, and SplendApp as a company that has high standards in quality and customer service and these standards appeared during the development period of SplendApp and after its launch in the operating paths and the mechanism of serving its customers.
        SplendApp has several characteristics and capabilities that distinguish it from any other solution:
        • Standard implementation time for applications with full support for design and publishing services on application stores
        • Unbeatable payment plans
        • An admin console with a huge capabilities
        • The return on investment in the mobile application with SplendApp ranges from 25 times to 50 times
        • Mobile applications as an increasingly popular trend in the e-commerce sector, always winning first