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Ariika stands as the premier creator, distributor, and e-commerce seller of bean bags, pet lounges, and comfort accessories for travel in the Middle East. Ariika is dedicated to producing ground-breaking ideas and goods that challenge the usual limitations. From artisanal home decorations to upscale bean bags, its broad array of product categories - including beach, garden, home, pets, and travel - offers unique elements for every dwelling and every event.
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Ariika Project Details

Outlined here are the technical and operational aspects of the project, application numbers, as well as the launch and deployment blueprint. As part of a sustained collaboration with SplendApp, the client is persistently striving to refine the app, boost its download rates, and make it more user-attractive and easier to navigate.


Ariika's website is powered via Shopify Platform


Ariika's app supports both Arabic and English interfaces

96 Hours

The project period from analysis to publication did not exceed 96 hrs


2S joined SplendApp and its downloads exceeded 3K users

What did Ariika achieve by joining SplendApp?
SplendApp ROI

What did Ariika achieve by joining SplendApp?

The client's investment in the mobile application proved its success over time, enhancing customer loyalty and boosting sales, which can be seen in the following points:

Amplifying engagement: The mobile app reshaped customer-brand interaction, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Broadening scope: The mobile app made the e-commerce store readily available and accessible anytime, anywhere, effectively widening audience reach and boosting sales.

Enhancing user experience: The app has earned positive feedback from customers, citing an exceptional experience and a feeling of privacy as top factors for their satisfaction.

Cost-effective marketing: Utilizing push-notifications in the app enabled retargeting customers without any cost, saving advertising expenses and focusing on acquiring new customers.

Boosting profits: The app played a crucial role in retaining customers, increasing purchase frequency and order size, and attracting new customers, which led to heightened sales and, coupled with significant cost savings, resulted in increased profits.
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Mobile applications serve as a superior and more dynamic conduit for connecting with your customers, whilst bolstering your brand recognition and broadening your business’ horizon, culminating in the acquisition of new customers and a boost in sales and profits.

SplendApp acknowledges the reality that mobile applications are now the backbone of success for any enterprise across different activities and fields. We are honored to have been the success allies for a multitude of prominent corporations that have put their trust in SplendApp’s expertise for designing and implementing superior applications.

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