How to Increase Customer Retention with a Mobile App

How to Increase Customer Retention with a Mobile App

mobile applications help us have Customer  retention

How do I keep my customers? How do I increase my sales and customer retention? Well, there is a statistic that says that 64% of people who want to start e-commerce face many difficulties that prevent them from highlighting their stores and business well. 

It’s no secret that customer acquisition is critical to business growth, but only customer retention programs can help organizations maintain a solid, dependable base. Only they can help them through tough times, identify important trends, and make improvements to keep their work relevant to real life as times change.

How mobile applications help us have Customer acquisition after retention

A high customer retention rate is a major goal of every successful business. It can always be achieved by meeting audience expectations, delivering great value, and ensuring that they are completely satisfied with the services and products you offer. 

Hence, it is possible to integrate your loyalty programs with mobile application programming, for example, you can include offers and incentives to your application with push notifications to alert you of product and service updates. If they are for products they are interested in, offer them exclusive content in their areas of interest. 

And follow up with messages that tell them about the new application. Contests are also an effective way to market your app in the long run. It often gets you connected with existing users, and your app reaches new users as well, especially if these contests are based on voting through social media platforms.

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Customer acquisition and retention via mobile app

Mobile apps use data tracking and app analytics to measure metrics within their mobile app platforms. Analytics on these mobile apps capture relevant data that can be used to compare with predefined business goals and KPIs. There are different categories of user metrics that can be generated from the data within the mobile application. Some important groups of metrics are:


Acquisition metrics via mobile application 

These metrics explore the number of sales generated by app users through in-app purchases or downloads. These metrics create valuable marketing insights to estimate how much revenue can be generated from that user’s future purchases. Measurements include average revenue per user, cost per install, and lifetime customer value.

Engagement metrics via mobile application 

The rate at which users use, stay, and return to the app can estimate engagement. This is a valuable metric for companies to assess the extent to which users are satisfied with the application. It can also be used to measure the success of particular marketing, promotion, or pricing strategy within a mobile application.

Mobile App Retention and Engagement Accelerate Growth

Mobile applications retention and engagement achieve many goals for companies and businesses, the most important of which are:


  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Providing a cost-effective marketing channel and results.
  • Growth of the brand in terms of the number of customers, sales volume, and profits.
  • Providing effective personal communication channels and solutions aimed at increasing customer trust and loyalty.

Mobile applications help your business grow

There are many factors Due to which companies need to invest in efficient and reliable enterprise application development procedures. A well-developed enterprise mobile app can accelerate your business growth by improving your business in many ways. 

The development of enterprise mobile applications not only increases the productivity of employees but also reduces the expenses of the company to a great extent. It allows you to store, organize and analyze big data to make better business decisions. Some of the importance of the mobile application for your business:

Increase employee productivity


With the help of mobile business applications, workers and companies can upload all important data at any time, enabling them to access stored information from anywhere. 

Moreover, since data can be easily accessed in a real-time environment, saving time in processing and arranging data, employee productivity increases. It also prevents employees from maintaining data regularly, which increases their productivity level manually.


Updated records


No matter where they are located, businesses that rely heavily on drivers, technicians or delivery guys should always be connected. The answer to how to grow a service business is through mobile enterprise applications. These apps connect employees and work while keeping consumers informed.


 Mobile apps for Increasing profitability



In order to provide a smooth user experience and simple navigation, the company is investing more money in design as well as application development. It becomes even more important for large companies because they must provide a satisfying user experience to establish a successful large business. 

Lower maintenance expenses, frequent upgrades, and high user engagement with enterprise applications are amazing elements to boost your company’s ROI.

Manage tasks quickly and easily

The ability to easily organize and assign tasks is possible when all the information is at your fingertips.


Workflow Automation

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), which integrates core application functions into an easy-to-use interface, helps improve company operations. Moreover, it improves the process of openness and cooperation across departments. 

Without creating and linking point-to-point application-specific interfaces, process automation with EAI enhances collaboration within groups and teams.


Boost Productivity

An enterprise app may alert employees to meetings, cancellations, announcements, and other important events. Similar programs are used to provide birthday greetings or event-related information. All these activities not only enhance the productivity of the company more quickly but also promote a positive corporate culture.


Analyzing Data Insights


Companies may gain new information to improve decision-making by incorporating the latest technologies. Enterprise applications are key to growing a service-based organization. The data service organizations get is what they use to work, and with the help of applications, this data can be used to determine the amount of growth, risk management tactics, and more.


Improving Customer Satisfaction  via mobile apps 

Combining all the benefits you just read with critical elements such as impenetrable security, data encryption, interoperability, and real-time data access, enables businesses to provide an authentic customer experience. An easy-to-use and secure enterprise mobile app mean you can reach more potential customers and convert them into loyal customers.

Furthermore, by having options to monitor employees, meetings, company operations, etc, management can make informed decisions rather than letting people’s opinions influence them. In the end, simplifying normal management tasks is a major benefit of corporate mobile apps.

Which app categories have the most retention?

Retaining customers tends to cost less than acquiring new ones and offers additional benefits through improving overall lifetime value. 

During the last year, Education apps didn’t have the best annual retention rates in the marketplace, while Media got the best retention numbers. While travel and Healthcare got low retention numbers. Shopping maintained a quite healthy retention.


Measure your mobile app engagement.

What is the best way to track your app’s performance? And how do you know if your numbers are great or bad? 

  • Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU): The number of active app users on a given day or month
  • Average session duration and frequency: How often users launch your app, average session duration

Not all apps are Daily-used, so you need to define what “active user” means for your app. Is the app running, logging in, or completing a key action?

These metrics can help you understand the effectiveness of your engagement campaigns – and most importantly, the quality of your user experience.


Customer retention cost

Of course, customer retention doesn’t sound as exciting as customer acquisition, but it’s less expensive, and can ultimately make or break your business. The cost is seven times more expensive to attract new customers than to keep them. 

Plus, if you only retain 5 percent of your customers annually, you can generate up to 125 percent more profit,” which shows how important customer retention and customer focus is.


Importance of Customer Retention

To understand why Customer Retention is important and to focus more on retaining existing customers rather than acquiring leads, let’s take a look at the following stats:

Retaining more customers is five times more cost-effective than acquiring leads.

80% of your future profits will come from only 20% of your existing clients. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profits anywhere from 25-95%.

The success rate of selling more products and services to customers you already have is 60-70% as opposed to the success rate of selling to new customers which range from 5-20%.

In the end, Customer retention is simply your organization’s ability to retain customers over a given period. It is also one of the simplest ways to measure the reliability of your organization in providing service. How can you build better relationships with your customers? You simply have to earn your customer’s trust.