Mobile apps in Business

Mobile apps in Business

Benefits of Mobile apps in Business

Mobile apps in Business In an ancient Greek story, Argus was a beast with one hundred eyes. He worked as a guard. His technique was to close two eyes in rest, while the others were watching. In real life, Argus looks like tools, as no one has one hundred eyes or can work 24/7. Tools only can do so. Mobile apps in business are one of these tools.

Everything is in your hand via mobile apps !

Mobile app and technologies

Before the mobile technologies era, business was a massive machine of people, assets, paper work, tasks..etc. It took a lot of money, time and people to control and organize. By the time and technology growth, the situation becomes more simple to handle the complexity of business.

Mobile apps help your business by many tools, that let you monitor all processes, and let you govern everything in one hand!



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Some uses of mobile apps in business:

Mobile apps in Business  and Human Capital:

Your people, employees, your organisation chart, turnover late, updates, news.

You find all of these data on mobile, just click on the Human Resources platform or mobile app to find it processed and analyzed.

Mobile apps for HR state the key points that you will discuss in the next meeting with HR supervisor. The learning and development budget, recruitment plan, annual raises, KPIs.

Everything is already on the table.

In Business Operations:

Your company mobile app process all transactions, cycles. So when you need to finish an urgent task, you can notify the assigned employee, or delegate it automatically to another as per the workflow.

And you resolve time lag problems.

Mobile apps Uses in Communication:

You are a multinational business. Your employees in different countries and places, some of them are working from home, others from cafes. They will:

  • Attend their meeting on time
  • Deliver a list of decisions.
  • Write the meeting reports on cloud shared folders, fill data in online sheets

Everything is clear, synchronized, and from their mobiles.

Mobile apps for small business owners; help staff to hold virtual meetings in the same effective and smart way, and work is in progress.

Mobile apps for Customers:

You, and your employees, notify customers directly by offers, promotions, surveys, updates, News..etc.

Similarly customers send their feedback through your mobile app in the shortest way, which helps you to upgrade your service or product..

On the other hand, Mobile apps are a big source of your customers’ data, like personal data, location, needs, lifestyle, specially if you connect your mobile app to social media channels. This data is capable of increasing your strategies’ efficiency.

The advantages of mobile apps are not limited to the previous points, there are infinite benefits that will increase your business progress and revenues.

So if your business is still depending on traditional paperwork or websites, you certainly need to begin planning for the next step in your business; Mobile apps which put all things in your hand!

Conclusion of Mobile apps in Business 
Businesses are increasingly using Mobile apps in Business to improve operational efficiency, customer engagement, and employee productivity. These apps have several advantages for businesses. They allow employees to complete tasks from anywhere at any time, allowing them to work efficiently even when they are not at the business’s office.
They also give customers the ability to access company services whenever they want. These apps are a great way to engage with customers and make them feel like they are a part of the business.
Perhaps most importantly, mobile apps are effective at reducing costs and risks, while also increasing revenue and customer retention.

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SplendApp is an unprecedented solution for building e-commerce mobile apps by No-Coding Technology.

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 Your e-Commerce Mobile App in 48 Hours