Mobile Push Notifications for Business

Mobile Push Notifications for Business

Keep your mobile app beeping via notifications

We are hearing notifications all the time. Our mobiles do not stop beeping! Each beep is an alert of news and updates! New info, new offer, new picture.. As you know, life is speedy, and growing companies are using mobile push notifications for businesses to beep in their customers’ mobile phones!

And you also have to beep your customer’s phones!

Push notifications is a message sent from your app containing updates, offers..etc. 

It is short, media-rich, and is sent to users while they are not using the app. 

In this article, we would know how push notifications are important for your business.

How beneficial are mobile app push notifications for business?

Push notifications are giving you the chance to get closer to your customers, that let you achieve a lot of things like:



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User Retention via mobile apps 

When your customer downloads your mobile app and chooses to receive notifications from you; You can send him customized push notifications that fit his interests. 

You can use push notifications in the first 3 months as a loyalty builder. Customers will be oriented by your updates, Infos, offers..etc, that make your brand in their mind most of the time.

Improve UX

All users tend to use mobile apps that have a higher user experience, and by adding their data to your mobile app; they are willing to customize your service towards them. 

So when you know their interests, data, and preferences; you have to customize your push notifications accordingly. 

And that means more UX; more loyalty and more revenue. 

Increase Engagement

One of your best goals in your marketing campaigns is to give space to your customers to engage with your content. 

Push notifications, as we said, are customized to customers’ data and interests. So you can target someone in Cairo that needs to buy a new mobile phone, by a customized notification, informing him about your stores near to him and the offers on mobile devices. 

That will increase the click rate by about 42%, which is a great chance to increase customers. 

Drive sales and revenue via mobile apps :

You can make great use of mobile push notifications for business, by sending offers, sales, or promotional notifications.

That can push your customers to purchase your items easily and let them wait for every new item or offer from your mobile app. 

SplendApp provides you with a Push Notifications Dashboard! 

Keep sending notifications for more revenue!

How to make good Mobile push notifications for business?

You had to optimize your notification by some clear points:

  1. Send a reasonable number of notifications daily, to keep your customers unannoyed. 
  2. Customise the notifications according to the customer’s interest. 
  3. Choose the right words and graphics to grab your customer’s attention. 
  4. Send it at the right time. 
  5. Put the Push notification plan within your marketing strategy to achieve the best results. 
  6. Take feedback from your customers. 

Keep Beep!

As we discussed, push notifications to allow you to reach your customers more than any messaging channel. 

It is much easier to get their attention with push notifications than with regular messages. The best part is that you can personalize your push notifications to each user.
When you send personalized messages, you have higher engagement rates. This is because you are talking about something that is important to that customer.
You can segment your audience based on their purchase history and send them targeted messages.
For example, if a customer has made multiple purchases of your product in the last month, you can send them a deal or a discount. This will encourage that customer to make another purchase from you.

If they have not made any purchases from you in the last few days, then you can send them an invitation to download your app again. This will keep them engaged with your brand and increase the chances of making another purchase.

So try to add a push notification feature in your mobile app, and make lovely noise in your customers’ mobiles!

Stay Successful!



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SplendApp is an unprecedented solution for building e-commerce mobile apps by No-Coding Technology.

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