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Established in 2009, NAS Trends is a retail brand centered around a definitive principle. The brand collaborates with Egypt's young population to bring forth unique designs bearing distinctive motifs. Originating as a T-shirt brand, NAS Trends broadened its horizons, leading to an evolution in its product line. The brand's current offerings encompass T-shirts, polos, sweatpants, sweatshirts, beanbags, and a variety of accessories. NAS Trends maintains a constant, reciprocal communication with its audience. Through its dynamic Facebook page, boasting approximately 1,660,000 followers, the brand hosts design contests, encouraging talented young artists to contribute their designs for the creation of NAS Trends' seasonal collection. NAS Trends is strongly anchored in the belief that the youth of today embody dynamism, positivity, dedication, creativity, and ambition.
NAS Trends Store
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Nas Trends Project Details

In this section, we provide a detailed account of the project's technical and implementation facets, app metrics, and the strategy for deployment and launching. In partnership with SplendApp, the client is dedicated to enhancing the application, ramping up download frequencies, thereby making it more enticing to users and enhancing its usability.


Nas Trends's website is powered via Shopify Platform


Nas Trends's app supports both Arabic and English interfaces

96 Hours

The project period from analysis to publication did not exceed 96 hrs


Nas Trends joined SplendApp and its downloads exceeded 20K users

What did Nas Trends achieve by joining SplendApp?
SplendApp ROI

What did Nas Trends achieve by joining SplendApp?

Owning the mobile app for the client was more than just an investment, it was a major transformation that drives business forward by increasing sales and strengthening customer loyalty, which is reflected in the following points:

The mobile application was instrumental in enhancing the interaction between customers and the brand, which resulted in greater loyalty and repeat purchases.

The mobile application served as the easiest conduit for customers to access the e-commerce store at any time and from anywhere, which had a positive effect on the audience reach and sales.

Based on customer feedback, it was apparent that the mobile application considerably improved customer satisfaction because of its unique user experience. The sense of privacy that they felt while using the application was a significant factor for this satisfaction.

The application's push-notifications facilitated the cost-free retargeting of the store's customers without any limits, reducing the costs associated with retargeting advertisements and freeing up resources to attract new customers.

The mobile application positively influenced customer retention rates, the frequency of repeat purchases, and the size of the purchase itself, leading to increased sales. This, combined with significant savings in costs (both marketing and operational), resulted in increased profits.
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