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RaSport Store

Ra Sport transcends the conventional concept of a business entity. Rather, it serves as a thriving community of young, ambitious, and perpetually enthusiastic professionals coming from a plethora of backgrounds. The primary mission here is to ensure customers receive the products they seek and the high-quality service they rightfully deserve. As the saying often echoes within our walls, 'RaSport's success is defined by its people'. Furthermore, they prioritize making decisions and launching initiatives that cast a positive influence on all stakeholders.
As Egypt's leading retail company in the market Hosting a workforce of over a thousand employees, RaSport has emerged as the market leader among Egyptian retail companies. With a solid organizational structure overseeing more than 90 stores, RaSport accomplished an impressive turnover exceeding 50 million US Dollars in 2015.
RaSport Store

RaSport Project Details

Here, we delve into the project's technical specifics and execution phases, app statistics, and the rollout and introduction strategy. With an ongoing partnership with SplendApp, the client is focused on elevating the app's appeal, boosting download counts, and augmenting its flexibility and user-friendliness.


RaSport's website is powered via Shopify Platform


RaSport's app supports both Arabic and English interfaces

48 Hours

The project period from analysis to publication did not exceed 48 hrs


We Expect that downloads will exceeded 10,000 organically

What did RaSport achieve by joining SplendApp?
SplendApp ROI

What did RaSport achieve by joining SplendApp?

The client considered owning the mobile application a valuable investment due to its significant impact on increasing sales and strengthening customer loyalty, which is shown in the following points

The mobile application provided a more intimate and innovative medium for customers to interact with the brand, which positively impacted customer loyalty and encouraged repeat purchases.

The mobile application provided the most accessible and easiest way for customers to reach the e-commerce store at any time and from any location, which effectively improved the business reach and increased sales.

Based on customer feedback, the mobile application significantly increased customer satisfaction due to its seamless user experience. The privacy they felt while using the application was a major contributor to this satisfaction.

Through the usage of the application's push-notifications, it was possible for the customer to retarget the store's customers for free without limitation, saving the cost of retargeting advertisements and redirecting them to attract new customers.

The mobile application had a positive impact on increasing customer retention rates, the frequency of repeat purchases, and the size of the order itself, along with attracting new customers, which led to increased sales. By saving a lot of expenses, whether they were marketing or operational, the end result was increased profits.
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Why SplendApp

The rationale behind developing a mobile application for your online store

Mobile applications can strengthen your engagement with customers, boost your brand visibility, and extend the scope of your business, leading to an influx of new customers, and consequently, heightened sales and profits.

At SplendApp, we are confident that smartphone applications have evolved into the secret ingredient for the success of any business, regardless of its domain. We take immense pride in having been the success partners for numerous major companies that placed their faith in SplendApp’s team to design and implement top-notch applications.

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