Discover Why You Need an eCommerce Mobile App | 5 benefits

Discover Why You Need an eCommerce Mobile App | 5 benefits

Why You Need an eCommerce Mobile App Do you know the necessity of mobile applications in e-commerce and the feasibility of having an application, especially since the site version can be customized for use via ecommerce mobile apps. What if I told you that you can increase your sales to a large degree just by having an app version for your store!

According to some recent statistics, the number of Internet users around the world via smart phones has reached about 2.32 billion users and the number is expected to increase to 2.87 billion users by 2023. About 2 billion smartphone users will make purchases through an online store during this time.

But what about the nature of the activity of these smartphone users over the Internet? Do they tend to use apps more or are they more inclined to use the browser?

What is the average person using their Mobile phone to browse the internet daily? 

Benefits of eCommerce Mobile App 

A statistic that gives some details of this, which tells us a lot about the average person using the Internet via their smartphone, indicates that the average time that smartphone users spend is about 3.40 hours per day. Through which the Internet is browsed by 90% of applications compared to 10% which is the share of browsers of use.

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Why do you need an e-commerce application?

E-commerce is popular and preferred among businesses, so switching to a mobile online experience is better to lead the competition. Many brands in the ecommerce market have chosen new technology and trends, so it is necessary to develop an online system to compete efficiently. 

If you are looking for reasons to build an ecommerce app, here are some important reasons to convince your ideas. The increasing use of smartphones is one of the main reasons for having an ecommerce application, as people prefer to buy goods with a single tap on their smartphone screen.

The online store allows consumers to stay connected with your brand all the time. The growth rate increases due to the collection of customer information about push notifications. Increase customer loyalty and brand appreciation. Covid-19 has changed customer preferences after restrictions on lockdowns. E-commerce applications are easy to use and easy to use, giving you a great shopping experience.

Benefits of eCommerce Mobile App



  •  Mobile Commerce is Trending Up

Your online store will be available to existing and potential customers 24 hours a day in different countries and locations where they can download the app, and they can search and browse available products and make purchases and payments within seconds.

The presence of the special official mobile application is also a unique opportunity to increase interaction and awareness of all its content with up-to-date and accurate information regarding available products, notifications and temporary offers through which annoying ads that reduce customer interest can be replaced where the content of notifications can be known without the need to run the application.

There are many reasons that may push e-store owners to own a mobile application store, and the most important reason is that the application helps a great deal in increasing sales, at a time when Internet users spend most of their time through applications, this would benefit ecommerce.

  • Consumers Prefer Mobile Applications!

You will have to make some effort to motivate your customers to download your store application and then you will be surprised by the results that achieve for you by creating a base of regular buyers, as customers downloading your store application means one thing, which is that these customers. 

They invest in your store with the intention of doing business with your store in the long term. They visit your store through the mobile application with only one goal is to buy, while mobile users who visit your store through the browser, their intention to visit your store is usually with the intention of searching for product details or knowing the contact details. In addition, mobile users are using more apps than websites via the browser, averaging three hours more per day.

You just have to imagine this. By having the customer own your application on his mobile, you will be his first destination when the idea of the product you are selling passes over his head. According to research on the average time it takes a user to return to your store again, we find that users of the app version are twice as likely to return to visit your store again compared to the browser.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

To successfully build a social media app and gain a competitive advantage, you’ll need a bit of market research in the community. The most successful social media platforms, such as Snapchat, are often built on the back of a lot of market research. To gain a competitive advantage, you must first create a team to research what is already in the community.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is one of the main reasons for the continuity and success of e-store applications, regardless of the quality of their products. It does not matter that your e-store application receives a good number of visitors without sales. If that happens, the inevitable result will be the failure of the project. 

  • Mobile app Improve Marketing Communication

Applications have proven from the beginning and with the continuous technological development their effectiveness as an integrated marketing channel that contributes to achieving marketing goals in coordination with other marketing channels and campaigns. 

Through the mobile application, you can achieve all of the following:  

  • Reach the largest possible number of target customers 
  • Get Potential customer data such as email and personal social media accounts
  • Display your online store products in a distinctive and interactive way Promote new products, offers and temporary discounts
  •  Communicate with customers personally with minimal effort and within the least possible period of time
  •  Analyze customer interaction with application content and available products in order to develop marketing campaigns
  •  Compliance with campaigns Marketing and other marketing channels through in-app notifications and advertisements 
  • Increase Average Order Value

The distinctive design and its simplicity in providing what the visitor aspires to be the basis that contributes to increasing the rates of customer purchase. As a result of the speed, ease and convenience of mobile applications and various solutions in e-commerce, we find a clear result, as applications in e-commerce have a clear increase in the visitor’s purchase rates, which increase by three times the percentage in sites configured for use via mobile app  and also increase by one and a half times for shopping. via computer. 

In addition, customers who visit your store through your application browse 4.6 times more products than mobile-friendly sites because of the ease of browsing products provided by the application. Finally, we find that the value of the order is 140% higher for application users than for mobile sites , and by 130% for sites visited via a computer.

  • eCommerce Mobile App Increase Customer Loyalty

Personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging, Inquiry Forms, official contact numbers and email provide a real opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and trust after providing professional customer service solutions.

Various secured payment solutions are the second step to reach the trust and loyalty of customers such as Master Cards, Paypal and Payoneer while securing purchases through Two-Factor Authentication to ascertain the identity of the application user.

 eCommerce Mobile App for Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs have proven their effectiveness in increasing loyalty and interaction with e-commerce activities by encouraging and rewarding interactive customers through cumulative points that are used to obtain a discount on the value of future purchases of products when using the application and completing product purchases.

According to everything we mentioned, it becomes clear that creating a mobile application for your online store is a basic thing that you must start implementing as soon as possible because even if you have a website, it is not enough. Although the process of convincing the customer to download the mobile application is a process that takes some time and requires a little patience, you will eventually get excellent results that will enable you to increase your sales and expand your reach.